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If you are a student but has a job and a family to look after, you may not be able to complete your term papers and other assignments on time. You may end up looking for an academic writing company. One the popular essay writing companies out there is grab my essay company. It has been around for a couple of years. Therefore, you will find several customers reviews out there and some on the company’s website. I used the service a while back when I needed a graduate paper in Psychology. This is my essay service review based on my experience.

Services provided by

The company is primarily an essay writing service. It offers to write such papers as the thesis, dissertations, term papers, and college entry essays among others. They also have a tutorial service to train those that would like to write their papers but do not have the skill to do so. The company promises to teach the students on ways to raise the grades in addition to writing the essays for them. However, this is a marketing gimmick as it does not happen.

Prices and discounts of

The rates of the papers depend on the complexity and the waiting period. However, compared to other writing companies, the company is very expensive. Prices range and undergraduate papers are obviously cheaper than a doctoral research paper. The company justifies the high price by mentioning that they have very excellent writers.
Grab My Essay company offers 15 percent discount to the new customers. There is also a blanket discount of between 5 percent and 15 percent depending on the number of papers you order from them. However, the discounts are applied after the fifteenth page. You can also get special coupon codes from time to time.

Advantages of

This service has been around for long. Since the company has offered the service for some time, it has systems in place for an average level academic paper writing service. It is better than many of the competitors out there.
The company has an A+ rating with BBB. However, there are not many reviews or complaints on BBB. The rating may not tell the actual quality of the service.

Disadvantages of

Grab my essay company markets itself as a quality essay writing company. However, the quality of papers they churn out is way below their promise. My Psychology paper seems to have been done by an ESL writer as it had several grammar, syntax and style errors. They offered to do a revision, but the quality did not match the price I paid for it.
The live chat seems to be operated by a bot. You get standard answers to your questions. If you would like to get detailed information, you need to call them. Fortunately the pick the calls fast enough.

Final verdict

To sum up this essay service review, the quality of the paper is average at most. You can use the service if you are just interested in passing your exams and not getting good grades.

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