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  • Support 6
  • Delivery 8
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When we first visited the website, we were struck by their claim that there is no better way to get your schoolwork done. Truth be told, this company is horrible when it comes to prewritten essays. They do have, however, a pretty decent offer. They claim that their writers are able to write any kind of essay and research paper. Also, they offer dissertation writing and business writing services. If you just need some proofreading and some editing service, you can get it for a lower price. However, we advise you against it. Also, homework help is being offered to students why don’t have enough time to do their homework.

Prices and discounts of

The prices are bad. Let’s just say that when we saw the price per page, we wanted to leave. However, somebody had to write the review, so we ordered the paper in the end. They claim that they have mostly US essay writers, but this still doesn’t justify the high price we were quoted. Also, there was a hidden fee that we noticed only after paying for our order. No discount was offered and the customer support department didn’t even bother to respond to our question. This shows lack of professionalism.

Advantages of

There are no major advantages to speak of. The writer managed to finish the paper on time, and that’s about it. There are many payment methods and the customer support reps did manage to understand what we wanted relatively fast. The company claims that it employs only native speaking writers. However, we consider this to be a lie. And here is why.

Disadvantages of

Even though the paper was sent to us on time, its quality left us wondering who wrote it. We believe strongly that a 10-year-old pupil can write a better paper. The content was full of grammar mistakes and spelling errors. There were typos all around. This paper could not have been written by US essay writers, period! The paper lacked creative ideas and looked like it was copied and pasted from all over the Internet. For the price we paid per page, it was a complete disaster. And the customer support department started to threaten us when we told them that we would write a review about the performance of the company. We do not like intimidation tactics, so this made us even more anxious to share our opinion about this service.

Final verdict

Bottom line, this company has no place in the academic writing field. They did not manage to write an essay that would receive a passable score. Also, they were rude and the prices were too high. They lied about employing only native speaking writers. They even threatened us to not make the review public. In our opinion, it could not have been worse. The essay was a scam and they rejected our request for a full refund of our money. They just blocked the phone number and stopped replying to any of our emails. It was a dreadful experience to say the least!

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