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We know that students from everywhere are always on the lookout for freelance writing jobs. After all, life as a student is definitely not easy. So, why wouldn’t you make some money in your spare time? A company like WritingJobz can help you. If you are a skilled writer, you can put your skills to good use and write papers for other students – for a price, of course. And you can even write business papers if you have knowledge in this area. The company offers a generous amount of assignments every day, so you have a lot of tasks too choose from. The topics vary, but you should expect to be able to write on any topic you have experience in. After all, these papers are written for students who need academic writing services and are willing to pay for them.


The first thing we look at when we analyze companies that offer freelance writing jobs is the price per page, of course. And to our surprise, this company really appreciates its authors. Payment is very decent for every page (which is double-spaced as well). In fact, they offer one of the highest prices per page we have ever seen. Of course, they also demand quality content. If you are a student looking for writing jobs and know that you can deliver high quality papers, this is the place for you. You can make a very decent amount of money every month writing papers for other students through this writing agency.


There are many advantages to getting hired by this company. Students who are looking for freelance writing jobs will be very happy with the amount of money this agency pays. Also, you will be very happy to learn that you can write as much as you want. There are plenty of assignments available on various subjects and topics. You are free to make your own schedule, so you can focus on your classes when you need to and write only when you get a bit of spare time. And think about it; you are not forced to go to the office every morning. This company offers a very good way of making some money as a student. To get hired, make sure that the sample you submit is of very high quality.


WritingJobz is definitely a place where you can make a decent income. The only downside is that you can only withdraw your money twice per month. You cannot request a withdrawal every time you have some money in your account. You will receive the money in a couple days, but at least you can be sure that you will get paid.

Final Verdict

This writing agency offers some of the best freelance writing jobs on the Internet. And they pay a good price for every page you write. In our opinion, WritingJobz is a very nice place to find a part-time freelance writing job. And it is perfect for students because of the relaxed schedule and flexible deadlines. We definitely recommend you to give it a try if you need some extra money.

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