• Pricing 2.8
  • Support 3.2
  • Quality 2.3
  • Delivery 2.4
  • Usability 2.2

When you are looking to have a quintessential essay written, a lot of factors have to come into play. For example, you’d like to get the following going for you; great support, great writing and editing services, low prices, as well as on-time delivery.

Unfortunately, when it comes to this review, it’s not all a bed of roses. In fact, this service has been put on the spot lately due to all the abysmal reviews it’s receiving from clients. Despite its attractive landing page that conveys a lot of promises, the services on the other hand are quite poor.

Services Provided

This academic website assistance claims to provide research papers, essays, dissertations and assignments for over 20+ disciplines. But when it comes to fulfilling this promise, it’s a whole different story. Students have been complaining about the poor quality of the assignments that they receive. Others have even protested that their content has been returned with up to 45% plagiarism!

A big issues with their services is quality. There have been numerous complaints that content is delivered with plenty of grammatical errors. Not only this, but there have been questions raised whether the service uses native English speaking professionals, or if they hire second-rate ESL writers. With all this being put into light, plenty of clients have lost confidence in their service.

Prices and Discounts

In terms of pricing, it’s more or less around the average range. For an undergraduate essay of 275 words (1 page), the price seems to mirror those of other websites online. However, once I placed a 3-page essay, I honestly felt like I had wasted my money. I had to rewrite the content from scratch because the paper wreaked of plagiarism from the first to the last paragraph. In fact, it also felt like the writer in question had failed to comprehend the topic, and had deviated off of it in some parts.


The only positive I could recall from this service was the responsive landing page. Other than that, the features were quite a disappointment.


  • Where do I begin? Oh yes I feel I got scammed! Well, let’s start with how I had to constantly reach out to customer support after receiving my order. They seemed not to care once I made the payment. Let me not even get started on the final product! Grammatical errors, plagiarized sentences, and inconsistencies with the citation style!
  • The level of quality was nowhere near impressive. First of all, it felt like the content was written by a middle-school student. At some point, the content didn’t even make any sense with irrelevant filler sentences!
  • After asking for numerous revisions, I didn’t get the kind of quality that I really wanted. In the end, I reluctantly parted with my money because I just didn’t want to be involved with this poorly-run service anymore!

Final verdict

If you value your academics, I would advise you to steer clear from this service. There are definitely more professional ones out there. Frankly speaking, they overpromise and under deliver. You’re better suited spending your money elsewhere. Plus the promo code wasn’t even that great!

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