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  • Pricing 3.5
  • Support 2.5
  • Quality 3.0
  • Delivery 2.8
  • Usability 3.6

Ralph, Australia

Review of Ralph

“I recently ordered an essay through ultius.com. While they provided a good, solid essay service (which I would probably use again), they certainly weren’t the best of the best. There were some small flaws in their customer service and in communication which were probably due to website glitches (I believe that it was relatively new when I used it). However, they still provided very good value for money and would be worth a second chance! Below I have listed some of the positive and negative aspects of my experience with ultius.com which I hope will help you decide whether or not to use their service.

  • Ultius.com are one of the most affordable essay writing services on the net, considering what they provide.
  • They provide absolute top quality writers who are experts in their field. According to their website, they only use native American writers who have graduated from top universities and colleges, and who are well practised in writing about their areas of expertise.
  • They only deliver 100% unique and original work, so you can be sure that your piece will be the only one of its kind in existence. Don’t worry about plagiarism ever again!


  • The essay writer who I worked with seemed extremely busy and preoccupied. They didn’t seem to be able to take the time to answer my questions quickly and thoroughly. However, in saying that, they did manage to deliver a solid essay which covered almost every point I asked for.
  • I sometimes had trouble navigating their website when ordering my paper. I do hope they have improved it since then.
    While I had some issues with ultius.com, they are definitely far from being the worst writing service out there. In my experience, they have the ability to deliver high-quality work on time at an affordable price.”

Alfie, NZ

Review of Alfie

“I’ve used a couple of other websites like this in the past and this one was probably about average in terms of quality. The ordering and payment process itself was really straightforward, but I think I’ve had a couple of writers that seemed to know more than the one at ultius.com. The assignment was by no means terrible, I just would have liked a bit more detail in a couple of the paragraphs. The best essay writing reviews I read said similar things to what I experienced, so I would say they’re a true reflection of what the company does.”



Shelly, New Zealand.

Review of Shelly

“I knew I needed the best essay writing help available when I saw that I needed to write a dissertation on a specific study relating geographical location and interest in American culture. This was actually out of my knowledge-base, since I was mostly focusing on pop-culture effects worldwide and not necessarily specifically America. Although I looked all over for online essay writers, reviews were looking less and less heartening. I found ultius.com through a sidebar ad and decided to try them out and see what they could offer me.

They treated me fairly and linked me up with a writer who was capable. I didn’t need much, I just needed him to write me an outline and a draft and then I told him that I would modify, expand and fix up the rest. He did that, but the product I received seemed fairly haphazard, as if it were slapped together at the last moment. It had mostly everything in it that I needed, but I still had to do a bunch of research myself. Still, they helped me when I needed it, so overall it was a pretty good experience. Next time I’m going to ask the writer for a sample of their work though.”

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