2/5 is not one of the best academic writing companies. The decent quality papers lack interesting ideas and information.

  • Pricing 2.5
  • Support 2.2
  • Quality 1.5
  • Delivery 2.7
  • Usability 3.0

Xiaolong, NY

Review of Xiaolong

“Hello, I would love to share with you today the service I received from here. I am an exchange student from China and when I came here to the United States my English was not so good. I have learned many things though and now I can speak and write fairly well. But if you feel confused by some of what I say then I am sorry. Let me begin.

Okay, so first of all is a writing service. I was wanting somewhere that could get my big essay for the current semester done on time and at a good price. I think we all want that, haha. So I wanted to be able to have that and I submitted my order. The order process is very smooth, there was no great lag on the website or anything like that. Instructions are simple to follow and they accept my payment type. They even let me write down exactly what my professor wanted. That is helpful because my professor can be very picky. I have gotten low grades from him before because of this.

Unfortunately, my writer had a lot of trouble understanding me. I had a feeling this might happen if I tried an essay writing company but I’ve asked my two American friends to read this review before I send it in and they both said it is not hard to understand me. So I am kind of sad that my writer had to keep asking me questions. It was a bit stressful but I was happy to help. My writer eventually understood what was needed and I received my essay on time. I wasn’t completely clear on how to download it but that’s okay, I got it to work.

Well, and then I checked my essay for problems. It does not seem like my writer actually understood what I needed because there was a paragraph that talked about things which were not in my request and do not have anything to do with my class. The essay was on a Fortune 500 company. But the paragraph didn’t fit, it talked about some things that had to do with other companies and some scandals or a controversy, it wasn’t very clear. So I had to ask for that to be fixed and I decided that there was another idea I hadn’t mentioned and my writer could use that instead. So the writer used the new idea and sent the essay again and everything was fine.

If I had to give this place a grade (haha) I would give it a C+. If they can get their writers to understand things better and have less questions that would be good. I keep thinking about how my friends told me I am pretty easy to understand now even if I still have some issues and reuse words sometimes. I hope you are having an easy time reading this review so that you will know that could do a better job with communication. But the work I received was eventually good so I’m not too upset.”

Hank, SC

Review of Hank

“When I was looking at the best essay sites, review quality meant a lot to me. Everywhere I looked, I saw these broken-English, grammatically incorrect reviews that praised a product for as little as “website looks really great.” I don’t know about you, but I want my reviews to speak to the service as a whole. Not only were the reviews for made by intelligent, well-spoken people, the service itself reflects that by only hiring the best people – apparently – because my essay was absolutely of an expert quality. I can’t believe how good this service is and they have absolutely turned me into a repeat customer.”



Rebecca, UK

Review of Rebecca

“ is surprisingly good value for money. I didn’t want to spend too much money on my project and saw that most of the essay writing service reviews recommended this company. I got in touch with them straightaway and they asked me some basic questions, like how many pages my assignment needed to be and what it was about. They also asked how many sources needed to be included and did all of the reading for me! I got my paper in my inbox in time to benefit from the ten-day revision period (included in the price) – no issues at all with the content or the style!”



Eric, PA

Review of Eric

“Rushessay has mediocre quality essays. I wasn’t able to hand in the best essays I’ve ever
turned in — and I doubt I’ll be using them again. Also, the service is kind of slow. I think they must be super busy. It takes a long time to get answers to emails and I just barely received my paper before the deadline. So, all in all, I got a B on my paper, which is a good grade for me. But I wanted an A since I paid for it. My teacher said it was “well composed” but seemed to have little creativity or originality.”

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