• Pricing 2.5
  • Support 3.2
  • Quality 2.5
  • Delivery 2.3
  • Usability 2.1

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The services of this company are not at all what is advertised on the website. We wanted to start our proessay writing service review with a firm warning because we were not satisfied with most of the things they did. The company states that its writers are capable of writing a wide variety of papers (including essays and research papers) on any subject and topic. Also, they boast about their ability to write a stellar dissertation or thesis. Standalone editing and proofreading services are not offered. And in any case, these services would have probably been subpar. As you know, we are very careful when reviewing a company. And this is exactly why we decided to request an essay from ProEssayWriting.

Prices and Discounts

The price we were quoted was a bit high. This write my papers service should really lower its price per page for orders with a relatively fast turnaround time. And the quality of the essay we received was pretty lacking. But more on that in a minute. As far as discounts go, we did not see any on the website. When we asked for a discount because it was our first order, we were told that a 5% is the best they can do and that we should consider ourselves lucky to even receive a discount at all. We did not like the tone, but we took the small discount.


One of the main advantages of this academic writing service is that it is not a scam. This is about all we can say positive about it. The customer support reps were also pretty fast to respond. However, their tone and attitude was far from what we expect from a professional. Placing the order was pretty quick and the payment steps are intuitive. There are not many payment options available, but enough to get the job done.


Unfortunately, the disadvantages far outweigh the advantages. As stated before, we ordered an essay on a topic in geography as part of our proessay writing service review. The work was not bad, but it lacked any kind of depth. The writing was plain and the ideas were shallow. We did not see any creativity. What we did see, unfortunately, were some signs of plagiarism. It wasn’t too bad, but enough to raise a red flag. The writer accepted our request for a complete rewrite, but failed to make any meaningful improvements. The paper was of the same subpar quality when we received it the second time. We decided it wasn’t worth the time to request another rewrite.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, it is our sincere opinion that this service needs too many improvements to use it. We feel that a write my papers company should be able to meet at least some of the standards of quality we are used to seeing. While the paper was not bad, it was delivered a bit late. The writing was dry and the essay was not at all interesting. If you have any other options, we suggest you try them before ordering content from ProEssayWriting.

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