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Jasmin, New York

Review from Jasmin

“ was exactly what I needed. I’ve always been so bad at essay writing that I struggled throughout high school. In fact it’s a surprise that I’ve gotten into college at all! I wanted to do more though. I was sick and tired of having my lack of writing skill prevent me from reaching my goals. I really wanted to finish college in flying colors and I needed help from the best essay service I could afford.
A class friend (who’s been getting solid grades throughout college) told me about this essay service. He said that it was what he’s been using and that’s why his essay scores have been solid. He also told me that it freed up enough of his time to study for exams. What a great strategy! I was obviously hesitant at first…but what can I say? I was desperate.

Luckily the website was user friendly and easy to navigate (even for a computer un-savvy guy like me). I was able to find my way and connect with a representative. It didn’t take long before I had access to a group of qualified writers. I told them that I needed help with my history paper. I was planning on giving them some directions but they seemed to know exactly what I wanted done! I was pleased to find out that they were used to these kinds of requests.

I was very lucky because for this particular paper I had been procrastinating. It wasn’t until a day before it was due that I had panicked. saved me that day. Not only that but I was able to track all the progress and stay in touch with ‘Greg’ who personally took care of my paper. He was very polite and professional throughout the whole thing. I loved it! It turned out that he was a native English speaker. This was very reassuring because otherwise my professor would’ve been able to notice it wasn’t me who had written the paper!

I was concerned with the price but it turned out to be more affordable than I had imagined… particularly with the quick deadline. I loved how I could pick and choose what I spent my money on. I whole-heartedly recommend this service if you’re a poor writer like me. If you get yourself in trouble like I did by waiting until the last minute then do yourself a favor… let these guys handle your essays.”

Nick, Minneapolis

Review from Nick

“This is one of the best essay writing services I have ever used in my life. Not only will they help you think of a strong, unique subject, they also have really talented writers that create a fun, age-appropriate paper that really reflects your style and personality. My writer looked at an old paper of mine, one I did well on, and actually created an essay in my voice but without one single mistake on it. I’ll be using them for all my essays in college. I’ll never go back to my old service again. This place is great. Thanks!”



Nancy, San Diego

Review from Nancy

“I was so impressed with the papers I got from and will definitely be asking them for help with my assignments next year. The paper I handed in was probably the best essay I’d submitted all year; my teacher was really happy and I don’t think I’ve had marks that good in previous years. They really listened to what I needed and made the whole process really easy-to-use. I thought I’d have to do a lot of the research myself, but I just told them how many sources I needed and they did all of the reading for me!”




Paul, Indianapolis

Review from Paul

“I had been looking at all kinds of reviews for days when I finally stumbled upon I had a car accident recently when my girlfriend and I were going up to my mom’s cabin and when I went to my teacher to ask for an extension, he denied me. I was pretty devastated and frazzled and I had no idea how I was going to write it in time. I decided to see if someone online could write it for me and researched all kinds of essay services, reviews, and websites all over the internet. When I found, the reviews were really good so I quickly contacted them and delivered the necessary information. They started immediately.
I have never been gladder to contact a website! While I was in bed recovering, they handled everything I needed them to without question. Essay writing with a broken arm and a concussion is basically impossible, so I don’t know why my teacher wouldn’t give me that extension. The writer I got was a great English guy named William who really went out of his way to figure out exactly what I needed from the project. He asked me questions that I found myself being almost unable to answer, but together we worked through the hiccups and I was able to guide him well enough to get the paper done.
My teacher was happy with the final product. I got an A on the paper and every time I look at him I have a bit of a smile on my face because he has no idea that I outsourced my paper. That alone was worth the entire process, and I’ll absolutely be recommending this company to all my friends and to anyone else who needs to hand an assignment in after an emergency.”

Diego, Austin

“Review from Diego

“I read a bunch of essay services reviews before I finally found They’re good but they are a little slow. I was late on my paper because I wanted to read it first, not hand it in that minute! So make sure to give them time with your paper. Apparently, they are very scrupulous in the way that they go about the writing of these papers. They assign a writer, a researcher, and a scholar in your subject area. They do a perfect paper and good work always takes time.

For example, they hire a team of researchers, writers, and scholars to every single paper. And they are very thorough. If the paper is English, they just use the English writer and a researcher. In fact, for any English as a second language students out there who maybe don’t have my flair for English (I have been living here 20 years), you might want to make some mistakes and edit your work by adding some English and punctuation errors — leave out some “the’s” and add some mistakes that are common for your particular language. Because for me, ESL students are always scrutinized if they hand in good work. American professors of English, I guess, so rarely see a good paper from someone with ESL issues that they don’t believe you wrote it if it’s too good. That’s just the way it is.”

Phillip, AZ

Review of Phillip

“I have a hard time writing and it’s not easy for me to put an essay together. turned that around. I use them for any class with a lot of writing, like history or English. I am good at math and that’s what I like more anyway. I started ordering with them when my grades started slipping, and I always get back the best essays. I have way more time for my friends and favorite classes now, and my parents are really happy with my improvement in school! You should definitely give them a try if you need some help academically.”



Drew, CA

Review of Drew

“Hi, I wanted to share my experience. really impressed me. I had a molecular biology paper that was due in under a week. I missed class for over a month because of medical issues and I didn’t find out about it until later. I was stressing out so much! I decided to try this out. I didn’t know what to expect but I knew my deadline was rough. I explained the situation and they got a writer for me super-quick. I feel like it was perfect. I didn’t picture myself doing writing services reviews at any point, but here I am! If you’re behind on your schoolwork and want to save your grade like I did then you should check these guys out.”

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