• Pricing 2.3
  • Support 2.5
  • Quality 2.8
  • Delivery 2.8
  • Usability 2.2

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We are very disappointed to say that during our writing service review, the company did not manage to even meet our minimal expectations. We will not go as far as to say that this service is a scam. However, the quality of the content and other problems made our experience with this service very unpleasant. This company offers academic writing services and business writing services. They boast about being able to write an essay on any topic and subject. If you need editing and proofreading services, they also offer these. The agency states that its writers are professional and experienced – a thing that we have serious doubts about.

Prices and Discounts

This write my essay agency offers a discount of 7% on your first order. And this is all you get; they are not even willing to discuss any other discounts with you. The prices per page are average, so the writing service is affordable. The problem is that the papers they submit to their clients are subpar. Don’t expect to get a decent essay for this price.


There are very few advantages to working with this academic writing company. In fact, during our writing service review, we found only two advantages: there were plenty of payment options and the essay was not plagiarized. It looks like the writer really wrote the paper from scratch. However, the quality was horrendous.


There are so many disadvantages to working with this company that we don’t have enough space and time to present all of them here. This write my essay company managed to write an essay on a relatively simple topic for us and do an extremely poor job at it. Not only was the content not properly formatted, even though we specifically asked for APA style, it was also full or various errors. There were grammar and spelling errors everywhere. This clearly indicates that there are no editors and no quality assurance department. The writer basically writes what he or she wants and then sends you the paper. And on top of this, the paper was ready a day late. We can understand being two or three hours late, but a whole day is simply too much. And we had to spend another day proofreading and correcting the text to make it usable. The customer support did not even bother to reply to our request for assistance. They are probably used to getting complaints from the poor people using their services. Of course, we have not seen a penny back from them.

Final verdict

During our writing service review, the company behaved totally unprofessional. The essay we received was of very poor quality and was full of various errors. The customer support department simply ignored our complaints. We can’t say that this writing agency is a scam because the paper was written from scratch and was sent to us, albeit one day late. However, the quality of the submission left us wondering if the writers really know how to write in proper English. Bottom line, this writing service is just terrible.

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