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Colt, CT

Review of Colt

“ is a so-so essay company. I received my essay late though because the first time they sent it to me they left out the outline and I received no plagiarism report. So I asked them to add these things expecting to get it the morning before class but I didn’t. Once I received it I was too angry to be happy about it because my teacher knocks us down a grade every single day you are late. And I was one day late. Then it was the weekend which made it seem longer of course. Plus, it didn’t sound like student writing to me. But I had some time to play with it over the weekend to make it sound more like me. I got a B.”




Review of Trevor

“I used last semester at university and was really pleased with the results. I received my grade yesterday and easily beat what I usually get, which was a very pleasant surprise! I did a little bit of research to choose which company to go with, then received a paper that more than impressed my teacher. If you are looking to purchase an assignment, take notice of my essay company review and get in touch with them today. They got back to me really quickly and they didn’t ask me for any help with the research; all I needed to provide were the basic specifications.”



Jerry, VA

Review of Jerry

“I was in dire need of essay help and had only myself to turn to (so you can imagine how desperate things were!) Luckily, after checking out some solid essay service reviews I found I was skeptical at first because there are so many websites these days that claim to be the best. That being said – these guys really did solid work with what I gave them (which wasn’t much!) I needed three papers done (one of which was overdue) before end of the week. I contacted them on Wednesday! I ended up choosing one writer for each of my papers because they were on different subjects.

They were all very polite and professional with me. That was fantastic because it was my first time doing this kind of thing. I was able to track all of the papers from home and the price was more than fair. For one of my papers I needed it earlier than Friday and was able to make that happen for a bit more. The others were still delivered well within the timeframe I had set for them. I would whole-heartedly recommend them if you’re going through a tough spot like I was!”Watch Consumed (2015) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download


Review of Sam

“ is a mediocre essay writing service, in my opinion. I had a 20-page research paper due in geography, which was my most challenging class. I didn’t have a good topic, so I asked them to come up with one and, of course, it was on global warming. It wasn’t bad writing it just didn’t have much new to say on the subject, which was fine. I got it in and I got an A -.

Getting the paper in on time was a bit of a struggle as well. You want to order your paper early with these guys or with any service I believe. In my experience, you’re typically walking in the door of your class by the time you get the essay, and you’ll want to read it, add some misspellings if it is too perfect, or adjust the tone if it doesn’t sound like you, but I was already on campus and had to rush, rush, rush, to the library, get a print card, and be late to class before I could get my essay in on time.

As far as the quality of the essays, they are a bit dull and they could make a bit of more effort as far as integrating quotes, using more research level quotes from journals and getting the essays to the students quicker. If you’re going to provide writing help to students better to make sure they are really helping them well.

If I were going to use this service again, I would do several things differently. For one, I would give them 2 weeks, at least, with the paper and tell them it’s due two days ahead of time. Also, I would choose my own original topic, one that half the class won’t be writing about, perhaps, and then I would tell them I want sources from only solid academic journals. I might look up the most respected journals in geography, too, and request they use some of these to flesh out the works cited. I’d also tell them to only use academic sources, not wikipedia.”

Sam, OH.

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