This is a professional writing service that is just starting to make a name for itself. Hence, quality is average and support is decent.

  • Pricing 3.5
  • Support 3.0
  • Quality 3.3
  • Delivery 2.8
  • Usability 3.5

Ben, FL

Review of Ben

“I had a decent experience with this company. I ordered a philosophy paper from essaypro and gave them a topic to work with. It was formatted well, there were no errors, the citations and references were all in order, and I was happy with how the work flowed overall. The problem is that I had to ask for a lot of changes to get it to its best. Essays are supposed to be what these guys do, right?

I understand that, even when philosophy is simple, it’s not. I had to return it three times and answer questions from the writer throughout the process. I am thrilled with the final essay, but it was a little annoying. The company does have an easy way to talk with the writer though, and that helped a lot. Still, I feel like I had to contribute more than one would expect when you pay for essay writing help.

That being said, the rest of my experience was good. The writer was very polite in all of our interactions, and she never got frustrated—even if I did! Her vocabulary is great, her sentences varied, and she stuck to the topic without being boring. I just wish she could have done it with a little less direction! Maybe she’s new, and maybe this isn’t a usual occurrence for the site. It was my first time using it, and I’d go back. Like I said, the work was excellent. Anyway, I’m completely happy with the final essay, writer and revision issues aside.
On the business end, it was easy to put in my order. I had no problems with my bill, everything was up front and payment was simple. I guess I’m being nitpicky, but I wanted to feel more like sit-back-and-put-your-feet-up. Overall I would recommend this company.”

Jasper, WY

Review of Jasper

“I’m a freshman doing a History degree at a pretty prestigious college and when I really messed up my timetable one day (spent a little too long partying, whoops), I realized I didn’t have any time to work on my project and needed immediate essay help. A vast majority of the online essay services reviews didn’t really tell me anything about speed, because I guess most people give them the information sooner. I decided to take a chance on because they had some people comment on how punctual they were. Not only that though, their prices were super reasonable and great for broke kids like me.

My writer had exactly 35 hours to finish a five-page essay on the fall of the Assyrian empire, and I can’t believe how they managed to deliver on such short notice. Not only that, but I got a B+ back, which is pretty damn good for me! These guys had my back the entire time and it was really refreshing to see some professionalism in their work, especially when they had to deal with a situation like mine. I can’t recommend this website enough and I’ll definitely try to contact them the next time I have a huge party.”

Kandis, IN

Review of Kandis

“It’s a good writing company but they’re very slow and too expensive. Also, they don’t write papers that look like they were written by a student. They created a research paper for me that was so perfect I actually got in a little hot water. For example, their citations in the works cited pages was so “on” that my teacher questioned the paper’s authenticity. See, citation is my one weakness, that’s why I used this place for a research paper. I advise you all to rough up your citations just a little bit. Take out a couple of periods, commas — have a missing journal title or something or put the wrong things in italics. Luckily, I came up with a good explanation that I worked with some guy majoring in library science my mom knows. Sheesh!”

Marjorie, NZ

Review of Marjorie

“I wasn’t totally impressed with, so thought I should share my experience with an essay sites review. They completed my paper on time, even though they only had a week to write it, but I thought the writing could have been slightly better overall. The process was easy to follow and it wasn’t too expensive, although it might be nice to include a few extra freebies with each document. After paying for the order right at the beginning, I didn’t have to do anything else; I gave them my email address and received it in my inbox in time to hand it in to my teacher the next day.”

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