• Pricing 3.5
  • Support 3.2
  • Quality 3.0
  • Delivery 2.7
  • Usability 2.8 Review is a digital custom writing company, which has been in existence for some time. It claims to have enough resources necessary for handling simple to complex essays presented by their clients. Due to its long presence, it is possible to look for and find substantial information about the company on the internet. I would like to take you through my recent encounter with the company when I was so much in need of their “professional assistance.” The exploration has been done in the form of essay service website review, and it contains enough details to help you make an informed decision.

Services Provided by

A careful look into the website owned and run by the company reveals that it can handle a wide range of custom writing services to students. That said, your high school assignments, term papers, dissertations, book reviews, and coursework, are some of the services that the company offers to the clients. In case you have a special request, then it is vital to contact the customer care first, before placing your order.

Prices and Discounts

According to what I encountered with the, there is no standard price for the services that they offer. The amount of fee charged depends on the size, deadline, technicality, and the academic level of the request that you have. It is crucial to note that the company has stiff pricing for the prewritten essay services, and there are no discounts available even when the client is a first timer. I looked for the coupon codes and promo codes but could not find any of them on the website, which means there are no discounts even for the first timers.


  • Customer Support

    The company tends to has experienced workers who ensure the best customer care services to its clients. When clients raise complaints or get back with feedback, the company endeavors to offer the best of their attention to maintain a substantial level of expertise. In case the issue requires some level of professionalism, the company does take some time, but not too long to have the matter settled.

  • Pricing

    For the prewritten essays, the company does not charge a lot of fee to its clients. However, the prices might be slightly high for the lower academic levels. It would be better to conform with the support before placing an order.


  • No Discounts

    While most clients expect some discounts when placing their order for the first time, does not have such arrangements. This is bad news since it does not sound right when compared to other companies that offer similar services.

  • Poor Quality

    The company claims that it has professional writers to handle the services required by the clients. Well, that is not the case since they tend to rush the work and the grammar is pathetic.

  • Reliability of the company

    The company appears to be super-friendly during the initial parts of engagement, but things change for the worse when you try to complain about the lousy quality of the work delivered by their writers. The company is entirely unreliable as compared to other custom writing bodies.

Final Verdict

I would not recommend this company to anyone; even my 7-year old sister Jessica will do it better than their writers. And she can barely write.

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