• Pricing 3.5
  • Support 3.2
  • Quality 3.0
  • Delivery 2.7
  • Usability 2.8

Gary, NY

Review of Gary

“I’m dyslexic, so it takes me a lot to get through school. Sometimes, I just need essay writing help. I decided to try out a new service this time around because I wanted to save a little money and there was a discount. I should have listened to my gut and just spent a little extra.

I use a lot of essay services, and this one isn’t terrible. It just doesn’t really offer anything more than the standard sites. This wouldn’t be a problem, but their customer service is awful! It took forever to get my questions answered.
In the end, I got a good paper and my teacher loved it. There were no serious issues with it, but I was a new customer and I felt like this company didn’t show as much concern over my needs as other essay services. Reviews aren’t something I normally like to write, it takes me a long time to make sure there are no mistakes, but I wanted to let people know that you shouldn’t expect this company to get back to you about your questions on a good timeline.

Like I said though, the paper was good. There were no red pen marks when I got it back, and my teacher thought it was really interesting. The subject was the role of food in the revolutionary war, and the writer did his research. Everything was exactly what I’d asked for, so there were no problems with the work. I just spent a lot of time worrying over nothing, and that would have been easily prevented by someone simply emailing me.

While their customer service isn’t the best, essay writing is something essaydune does well. I am a satisfied customer in the end, but maybe keep looking if you need to have good communication with your writer.

The last thing I do want to say is that it also sounded a lot like I wrote it myself. They really did make sure my instructions were followed to the letter, and I’m very detailed. I have good ideas, it’s just really difficult for me to express them without stressing over every letter. They did a great job considering how specific I was, and in the end my worrying was for nothing. If I’d needed changes to the original instructions though, then it would have become a BIG problem. So, I guess that really isn’t such a small issue if you really think about it.”

Jansen, FL

Review of Jansen

“This essay service was very affordable. What made it worth it for me was the fact that I could pick and choose where I spent my money. However, I didn’t notice that this service was cheap for a reason. At the end I received a poorly written paper and got a C+ for it which is acceptable, but I definitely expected more from this service.”





Sarah, CA

Review of Sarah

“Unlike some people here, I’m a very good writer and really could just keep doing my own essays. That being said – with so much on my plate and having to juggle so many things I just needed someone to delegate this work to. After sifting through many reviews I found this essay company. I did my detailed check: asked for a sample writing piece, gave clear instructions and reviewed my potential writing candidates.

I was impressed with their professionalism… so much so that it made choosing just one difficult. I’m very happy with the one I have because we get along so well. In fact I am very comfortable just letting her handle all of my writing assignments.

I can even be passive about the entire thing because the company sends notifications my way. This has really been a blessing for me because my time has been liberated to the point that I can do what I love. Thanks again!”

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