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Jaret, FL

Review of Jaret

“If you’re like me, you don’t want to settle for something less when you can have more elsewhere. I try to apply this philosophy to all aspects of my life, but like a truly great steak joint, it can be hard to find a decent writing service. I do a lot of custom essays because I’m in grad school for anthropology. I’d honestly love to be able to write them all myself but life is too busy this year.

I figured I’d try There was no great reason for me to choose them, I just thought their website looked nice. They make a lot of big bold claims about expert writers so I had high hopes going into this. I was kind of excited, even, when I clicked submit. I had very detailed instructions for my papers, I admit that, but they advertise themselves as being capable of handling just about anything, so no worries, right? Nope, it turns out they couldn’t get my paper correct. I got it a day late but didn’t dwell on that fact since I set a priority deadline that was three days forward from the actual due date. Better safe than sorry. In retrospect, though, it sure would have been bad if I actually ended up late on my assignment.

Hopefully, other custom writing services are more capable than this group. The tardiness wasn’t my biggest problem. There were a few factual errors in the paper which I could easily spot. The structure itself was fine and I feel like I got what I paid for in that regard, but the errors are a real issue. If I’d submitted this as-is, my professor would think I’d forgotten a few key tings since Cultural Anthropology 101.

Ended up having a conversation with a representative when I tried to explain why I needed a rewrite. I very politely cited each error. At this point I didn’t have much time left and I just needed things fixed. They told me my current writer was busy that day so it’d have to wait a bit. I couldn’t afford to wait so I asked for my money back and made the corrections myself. Wound up turning something in that was pretty good but it was kind of problematic getting to that point. And I had to wait on the refund, too. I could have used that money on something else, like some ice cream to treat myself after the mess I dealt with.

In the future it’d be awesome if my essay services reviews aren’t so angry. I’d love to write another after I’ve found somewhere that’s worth the praise. I can’t recommend, though.”

Shanda, TX

Review of Shanda

“This is a decent essay writing company. Where I messed up was in hoping these guys would do everything ahead of time and trusting them to write a paper without any spelling mistakes. They gave me a paper, but suddenly, my teacher was called out of town and wanted all the essays one day early. But everyone should make sure and go ahead and make their order the minute it’s assigned—you might as well do it then, if you’re going to do it. Plus, it gives you time to get to know the thing if you’re asked to talk about it or explain things like research and where you found stuff. I got an F.”


Francine, OR

Review of Francine

“I enjoyed using this service, and they live up to their name in that I got a completely unique paper. The problem is that the citations were just a little bit messed up in some places. It’s easy to see how the mistake could be made, it looks like the writer mixed up styles in different parts. I was able to cover it with my professor, and they made changes quickly. Still, it wasn’t the best experience. I’ve never had this problem with other sites. That’s why there’s one thing you always look at first when you’re trying to find essay companies. Review sites.”



Charlotte, LA

Review of Charlotte

“What a brilliant service! I read a lot of writing services reviews to decide which website to go to, and I’m pleased to say that I selected the right one in the end! Everybody was saying how good the writers at are and I can definitely say the same of mine. She had a really nice way with words and made the paper sound really intelligent and knowledgeable – much better to the way I usually write! She included so much relevant information and had clearly read a lot about the subject in the past. My teacher only wanted four sources, but she included so much detail that she must have studied the same subject at university. It made such a difference knowing that I’d hand in a high-quality essay that my teacher would be happy with, so I’m planning on using the service again next semester, and probably next year too.”


Rachel, AZ

Review of Rachel

“I think the best essay services review should include a mixture of the positive and negative aspects, so I’ll tell you about both. The positives were the quality of writing and easy payment process. The only negative was the cost, which wasn’t ridiculously expensive, but not the best value for money.”

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