I’m not super enthusiastic about this company. I normally enjoy essay writing, but this has been an overloaded semester for me. I ordered a term paper on Christian themes in The Chronicles of Narnia for a lit course. Not impressed. It got me a decent grade, but not what I was expecting from working with a professional service. The essay got all the basics right, but it was almost too close to the formula for an essay. It fell flat, but I ordered really late and didn’t have time to ask for revisions. That’s my fault, but I still wish the writer had gone for more than the obvious. It wasn’t really written at the level I needed, even though I thought I was clear about it in my instructions.
I feel like this is not one of the best online essay companies out there. The paper was really weak for a 3rd year college student. The thesis laid out exactly where the paper would go and what it would explore, but it didn’t really leave the reader with any questions or interest. It was an exploration of themes that have already been done over and over, and it was really boring as a result. That was the only flaw, the grammar was perfect. No misspelling or typos, it was formatted and cited properly. It just wasn’t very original.

I’d still consider them for essay help again though because some of that is my fault. Maybe if I order earlier and ask for changes I’ll end up with an A paper—it did have a good structure, even if it was a little cookie cutter for my usual style. Overall, I’d give them B-/C+ because they do get work to you quickly, and it’s easy to order. Just make sure you do it early.

Amy, M.

I’d probably use again, but would know what to expect next time. I think I was hoping to receive a paper that would blow my classmates’ out of the water, as they always get the top grades and I wanted one too. I still did well and definitely got more marks than I usually do, but some of my friends still beat me and my teacher didn’t make a big fuss out of how good my assignment was. However, I received my essay on time and they followed all of the essay writing requirements I gave them, so was pleased in general.

Charles, UK.

Basically, I thought it was “okay.” My paper was of “so-so” quality content wise. The writing was not that original. I had chosen Grademiners because I read a bunch of essay services reviews, and they said so many positive things, so I wanted to write a more honest review. I went with grademiners. Another thing they won’t tell you is that you want to “scuff up” the papers a bit to make them look more like you in terms of mistakes, or your teacher might not believe you wrote it. Take my advice or else you might get called down for plagiarism or for using an essay service of some kind.

Corrie, NV. was there for me when no one else was, including other online essay writing services, but that doesn’t mean they were perfect by any stretch. I studied all the best essay services reviews and kept coming up, so I decided to give them a look. Even though their customer support staff helped me quickly, I couldn’t help but feel that I was being herded into a huge machine-like funnel where they just wanted to write my content and get out as fast as possible. They did a good job, but it would help if I didn’t feel like just another number on their sheets.

Gabrielle, Australia.