Writing Essays in 7th grade How to Do It Right

While 7th grade does not seem that different from 6th grade, the bar is set higher when it comes to essay writing. What does not change is the essay structure. The five-paragraph format with the introduction, body part, and the conclusion. The best essay in 7th grade is the one that shows the breadth and depth of research, impeccable grammar, spelling punctuation and capitalization and a natural flow. These essays need to have a clear structure, attending to a reader’s logic and providing evidence to support the thesis statement.

The first step is to collect reference materials. In 7th grade, a student is expected to be selective when choosing the information to include in the essay, picking only what is the most relevant and what contains the most powerful evidence to support the thesis statement. The second step is to brainstorm and write an outline by jotting down any ideas that pop up.

The introduction should contain some background information on the topic and the thesis statement. Those students who want to demonstrate their best essay writing skills should make sure that their thesis statement is specific and clear and indicates their position in relation to the topic.

The first sentence of the second paragraph is the topic sentence and it should contain the student’s main idea. The remaining sentences of the body of the essay should all offer evidence supporting the thesis statement. Here, it’s important to make sure that each paragraph follows a logical order and that all the examples used are appropriate and indicate a clear understanding of the task. A student should use transition words to make a switch from one paragraph to another in a coherent way. The best essays are the ones with a natural flow.

The final part is the conclusion. The first sentence should refer back to the thesis statement and comment on all the main ideas that were mentioned in the body of the essay by summarizing them. It should be brief and persuasive.

Essay writing in 7th grade is demanding for many students. The topics are different, more complex, a student is expected to demonstrate some research skills and write error-free essays. That is why a lot of them try to find the best essay writing service to write essays for them. And how to find the best essay writing service? By checking essay services reviews to make sure it is a reputable one.

Here is the list of essay topics for 7th grade:

  1. A person I look up to
  2. Things I would change about education
  3. Should parents trust their children more
  4. Why is it important to do homework
  5. How can we make homework more interesting
  6. Importance of having a great friend
  7. What do I admire about my parents
  8. Why we should spend more time outside
  9. My dream job
  10. My favorite travel destination
  11. My best vacation ever
  12. My biggest regret is..
  13. What would I change about myself
  14. Importance of helping others
  15. My biggest fear as a child..
  16. I would not do this ever again
  17. When I felt ashamed
  18. If I could travel through time
  19. If I catch the golden fish, my three fulfilling wishes are
  20. I wish I could fix it, but…
  21. The worst food I have ever eaten
  22. Why should we stay away from fast food
  23. Should we stop spending all the time on the Internet

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