Essay Topics For Grade 6

6th grade is considered a turning point and also a point of contention. Should it be in middle school or elementary school? This dilemma reflects on essay writing. While the pressure to write the best essay is not there yet, a student is expected to master the structure and write in a coherent way and with no spelling, punctuation or grammar mistakes. Also, in 6th grade a student is required to use relevant academic sources and other references. When it comes to the structure, the five-paragraph format is commonly used with three main parts: introduction, body and a conclusion.

The most difficult part of writing an introduction is a thesis statement. It should be brief, only a couple of sentences long and it should get straight to the point. But it should also be persuasive because other parts of the essay should refer back to it.

The next step and the main reason why a lot of students seek essay help, is to write the body of the essay, usually in three paragraphs. It is the first paragraph that should contain the strongest evidence supporting the thesis statement. Here, it is important that a student demonstrates writing prowess, reflected in the choice of words, sentence structure and the way a student is able to connect one paragraph with another. All three paragraphs should be short and a student needs to make sure that they are not too broad or vague. Each of them should refer back to the thesis statement, have a natural flow and offer evidence in its support.

The final part of the essay is its conclusion. It is a sum-up of what has been written in the preceding paragraphs and it should let a reader know how a student feels about the topic. This part of the essay should also be concise and together with the introduction it should occupy around 10% of the total paper length.

While a 6th-grade student is still not expected to produce impeccable essays and spend a lot of time on them, there is an expectation to master some of the basics such as the structure or how to write a convincing thesis statement. Some students, initially, find it difficult to live up to these new academic expectations, so they try to find someone to write essays online. However, this option comes with the pressure of finding the best essay writing service. Three factors should be taken into account: reputation, quality and price. The best way to find this out is to check essay services reviews.

And here is the list of essay topics for 6th grade to get a better understanding of what is expected:

  1. A book that left a lasting impression on me
  2. Where do I see myself in 5 years
  3. What makes a great friend
  4. What did I learn from my parents
  5. How to make our world a better place
  6. What can we do to stop bullying
  7. Should we do homework
  8. A day that I will never forget
  9. How to handle a smartphone distraction
  10. Why is reading important
  11. Why should we stop caring about looks
  12. Why is it important to travel
  13. What I like to do in my free time
  14. I wish I could be born in this century…
  15. How I almost got away with it
  16. What a man of the future will be like
  17. If I was the president…
  18. What I want to do by the time I turn 18
  19. A person who means a lot to me
  20. Why parents should trust their children more
  21. How I learned from my mistake

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